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Driving Test Schedule for June 2018

This is to inform the general public that driving test schedule for June 2018 is opened. Kindly click on the link below for more details.


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Emission Testing Schedule

This is to inform general public that Yangki Automobiles will be carrying out nation wide emission test from 24th April to 5th June, 2018 as per the schedule below:

Emission Testing Schedule

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Information: Change in Driving Test Schedule for Paro

Since the officials from Paro Base are nominated to attend a short term training in Delhi, the driving test for April Month is postponed. However there will be two driving test in the month of May as a replacement.   Inconvenience caused is regretted.

Please check the updated schedule :
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Thimphu Regional Office to Conduct Driving Test on Weekends

Keeping in view the ever-increasing number of individuals wishing to register and sit for driving test, the Regional Transport Office, Thimphu will conduct driving tests for the public on Saturdays and Sundays as well, as a temporary measure, in addition to the test held every Tuesday.  The registration for Thimphu will be open on every Thursday from 9.30AM onwards.

  1. Check April 2018 Driving Test Schedule
  2. Check Online Transaction Manual
  3. Online Services Link (RSTA, MoIC)

Likewise, the Base Office, RSTA, Wangdue will now conduct driving test for the public twice a month, starting from the month of April, 2018.  Individuals can register online, available in RSTA & MoIC website.

While we constantly strive to improve the service delivery, the general public is requested to bear with us if any inconvenience is caused owing to the limited resources that we have at hand.  RSTA, however, welcome any befitting suggestions that an individual has, to improve our service delivery.

The above initiative will be implemented with immediate effect till further notice.

Contact Person: Prem P.Adhikari & Ugyen Lhamo

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eTest Introduced for conducting written driving test in Thimphu, RSTA

The Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), Thimphu has introduced eTest (Online written test) for driving test from 10th April, 2018. The objective is to reduce use of paper, increase work efficiency and reduce turn around time in issuance of driving license. It is also aimed to curb the existence of favoritism and nepotism culture as speculated by general public in issuance of driving license.

In total 50 candidates were registered online for the driving test, 18 candidates underwent eTest, out of which 15 candidates passed and 3 candidates failed to secure the required pass marks. 


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Driving Test Schedule for April 2018

RSTA will now be publishing the driving test schedule every end of month to inform the public on the test dates at every RSTA offices. The schedule is expected to enable and provide fair opportunity for everyone wishing to apply for the driving test.


For any queries and issues, please contact the respective RSTA officials contact number listed against each RSTA offices.


Driving Test Schedule for April2018

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